How affect SEO to our business?

Hi to all,

I want to know more about to all of you. How affect SEO our business and how to to more clicks.

Please give me your feedback…

well, you need to optimize your website to make it visible to users and search engines

This is quite a discussion and there might be others who’ve asked about this as well. Why don’t you go try to explore the internet marketing section. There should be a discussion about this. SEO covers both on and off page. on-page seo is everything that you’d do within your site like targeting keywords, filling in meta tags with targeted keywords and the like. Off-page seo covers all the backlinking discussion, everything you’d do outside your site.

There are quite a few questions there :agree:

@scottgeri; Do visit the internet marketing forum and try to search there. The issue has beend discussed over and over, and it is quite wide area.

I’m closing this thread here but if you believe that this debate should be re-open, pm me and I’ll do so (and move it to the right forum)