How about PDF Submission?

Hello Everyone,

I am doing seo from last 3+ years. I do all activities like on page, off page, SMO. I heard a lot of time about PDF submission but I never did it. Is that useful nowadays ? Is PDF submission better for rankings?

Thanks in Advance.

While there are times when it is sensible to use PDFs, I would never say they are useful in terms of SEO. Although search engines can read the text (assuming it is there as text and not just scanned in) and index them, they don’t treat PDFs any differently to other pages, so you get no advantage from the content being in a PDF compared to a web page … and once you’ve got people onto your PDF, what then? It’s much harder for them to then discover the rest of your site, if not impossible, whereas if they come through a regular web page then the site navigation should all be there for them.

I think PDF submission is a better way to get backlink traffic by posting and let the readers read about your own ideas that you are sharing with them. The trend is very specific now a days, people try to find some thing unique that they can money from. If you have some great ideas, include them in your pdf and post them. Never forget to leave your blog or website info inside the PDF, it will atleast increase some… :slight_smile:

I think currently PDF submission is getting old technique. Many people said that it’s still working but I am thinking that it all depends on your key terms that how competitive they are.

Based on the previous Google updates, they value those websites that are user friendly, that’s why UX/UI is now part of SEO. So if you have a PDF file that is just plain text, Google will put less value to it. Why not just make it look interesting as much as possible, besides info-graphics is in trend now.

After recent updates of Google, one thing has emerged as the success mantra of SEO and that is diversified back link portfolio (with natural look) and in order to diversify your backlinks, I think PDF submissions are also a great way. I would recommend you to go ahead with it; however, make sure your pdf document is worth sharing.