Hover prob with webkit browsers

is my question here

clear? because in two days I have not received a response…

does my question make sense? do I need to repeat it here? or can u respond by reading it on jQuery forum?

thank you…

Hi Maya,

For me, your question is not clear.

To maximize your chances of a reply, you should make a bare-bones example which reproduces your issue, with the minimum amount of code possible.
You should either post a link to this example (preferred), or include the code in your post.

You should state what you have tried, what you expected to happen and what actually happened.

A further thing to bear in mind is that some people don’t like text-message style abbreviations like “can u hlp me pls”

Hope that helps

[FONT=Verdana]actually – here is issue

pls compare behavior betw moz and webkit browsers… for what happens AFTER YOU CLICK PHOTO AND LAND ON NEXT PHOTO…

in moz browsers, when you click on photo and you land on next pg (next photo) your cursor is already on the photo, yes? so the arrows should be there… but in Chrome & Safari, they’re not, you have to move the mouse to see it…

(& not sure what to do about IE8, the hover thing not working well either way in IE8 (can’t test on IE9)

(yellow borders are the links, when u hover over those links is when arrows should appear, and when u navigate to next photo, in moz browsers arrow is there when you land on next photo, on webkit browsers arrow is not there when u land…)

js is here… specif code:

[INDENT][FONT=Courier New]

$('#photo a.photo_link').mouseenter(function() {
	$('span', this).fadeIn().css('display','block');
$('#photo a.photo_link').mouseleave(function() {
	$('span', this).fadeOut();


thank you…[/FONT]


Did you even read my last post?
I’ll have a look at this later on, but you are making it quite difficult for me to help you.

P.S. It’s also considered quite impolite TO WRITE EVERYTHING IN CAPITAL LETTERS


what info do you still need?

thank you…

Ok, seeing as you ask me this directly, I’m going to answer directly.
Before you read this, please understand that I am trying to help you.
You noticed yourself that you didn’t receive an answer to an almost identical question in another forum, so please read this with an open mind.

The bad part:

Your question is unclear.

You appear to be asking something about the different ways your page behaves in Mozilla browsers and Webkit based browsers, but having read the question three or four times, I am still unclear as to what.

I opened your page in both the latest version of Firefox and the latest version of Chrome and clicked on the right hand photo in each.
However, I couldn’t determine any difference in either browser’s behaviour.

You then proceed your question with two statements, each in brackets.
I don’t understand these or how they contribute to the matter in hand.

You use abbreviations throughout your post, which make it difficult to read.

You then link to a long JS file with no indication of what this has to do with the problem.

What you can do better

Make a bare-bones page:
Take the page where the problem lies.
Strip out all unnecessary CSS styles.
Remove all unnecessary elements and content from the page (e.g. the side bar, the social media buttons).
Remove all unnecessary JavaScript
To demonstrate your problem, you will only need two photos, so remove the unecessary photos, too.

In your post:
Provide a link to the bare-bones page you made.
Then ask your question and keep it focused.
I know this is difficult, but you could write something like:

“When I click the right hand picture in a webkit-based browser, I see an arrow icon pointing to the right once the next picture has loaded. When I do the same thing in Firefox, I don’t see the icon until I move the mouse. Why is this?”

Don’t use abbreviations such as “plz”, “u”, “thanx” etc.
Also don’t use capital letters to make a point. The reader feels like they’re being shouted at.

In summary:

I am aware that you might not be overly technically minded and that posting on a forum might be a bit daunting.
I am also aware that English might not be everybody’s first language.

However, following what I have written above will vastly increase the chances of you getting help.

[FONT=Verdana]oh my gosh, have never been criticized for using abbreviations in a post, I see it all the time, but well, yes, of course I won’t do it again… sorry…

Pullo, the behavior can be seen very clearly on the page as is… I’m at work, don’t have access to FTP, so I couldn’t do a “bare bones” and post it even if I had the time to do this at work… (and the “bare bones” would not be much simpler than what u see there… I mean I would maybe just remove the links in the sidebar? this wouldn’t make much difference, in terms of how well you can see the behavior… also can’t just do one page, b/c prob occurs when you navigate to next photo, so I need to leave entire site like it is, so you can see the functionality I’m talking about… it’s actually the opposite of what you write… the prob occurs in Chrome & Safari, not moz-browsers…)

let me try this again…

click on photo to navigate to next photo… when u land on next photo, since your cursor is on the photo when you land, the arrow should be there, but this only occurs in FF, not in Chrome or Safari… in Chrome or Safari, you have to move the mouse before you see the arrow…

hopefully I made it clearer now…

thank you…[/FONT]

Ok then, could you rephrase your question, as I’m still not clear what you’re asking.

oh man, you’re kidding, right? :-o

did you go to the url I posted and navigate from photo to photo? – in both FF and Chrome/Safari? and see the difference in behavior? I don’t think you will understand the question unless you do this… :wink:

thank you…

To me your question makes perfect sense, but I can’t reproduce the problem.
When the new image appears, the arrow appears without moving the mouse.

[FONT=Verdana]thank you Logic… in what browser? for me (both at home on mac, and at work on Windows) it works in FF, but not on Chrome or Safari…

thank you…[/FONT]

I just tried it in chrome, and it works fine. Do you perhaps have any plugins installed that might be causing the issue?

oh my gosh… that’s very very weird… as mentioned previously, it doesn’t work for me on Chrome or Safari, on my mac or windows machine…

(and rollover effect does not work at all in IE8… oh man…)

What you describe happens for me in Chrome: the arrows only appear if you move the mouse a bit, whereas in FF the arrow remains is the mouse is still over the panel. The JS is way over my head, but all I can suggest is maybe trying something other than mousenter—

$('#photo a.photo_link').[COLOR="#FF0000"]mouseenter[/COLOR](function() {
			$('span', this).fadeIn().css('display','block');

What about hover or something?

oh good… at least someone can reproduce this now…:wink:

I did try hover… in fact, I have code in there for hover too, it’s hidden… just switched to it now, and hid other code… Chrome & Safari still won’t play ball… man, maybe there’s no solution? but well, actually hover as an event occurs when you move the mouse over an element… so technically it’s correct behavior, I guess… but it still sucks…:wink:

and I just realize now that mouseenter (the other one I’m using), I suppose, means when the mouse reaches the edge of an element (but well, it still works in FF when the page loads, with the mouse already sitting on the photo…:wink: this is a little intriguing… I hope someone with more jQuery knowledge can suggest something… (I am in the Javascript/jQuery forum after all…:wink:

thank you…

Hi Maya,

I wasn’t criticising you, so I’m really sorry if it came across like that.
I was genuinely trying to help and to point out ways in which you could maximize your chances of getting a response.

Returning to your question, I still can’t reproduce your problem, but you obviously can and @ralph_m ; can, so we have to work out what is the common factor.
You said you get this happen on a Mac and on your Windows machine.
Which version of Windows are you using?
Which browsers are you using on the respective operating systems?

What about you Ralph?
Are you on the latest version of Chrome?

Yep. :slight_smile:

That is so weird - it shows fine for me. As soon as my mouse hits the link on the photo on the right, the right arrow shows on the image. If the mouse hits the image on the left, the left image shows. If you hover over top the arrow, the opacity goes away. Very typical hover behavior, and I’m running Win 7, Chrome V25.0.1.364.97, which is latest/greatest.

Yup, that’s about exactly what happens for me.
I’ll be interested to hear about the OP’s Windows setup, as that seems to be the best chance of reproducing this.

Windows XP Professional… what settings do you mean? please note, this also happens on my MacBook Pro, in both Chrome & Safari… it does look like it’s a webkit issue…

man, this is weird… thank you everyone for your responses…

(but I think even more grave issue is why this rollover effect on the link is not working at all in IE8… & and I haven’t even been able to test on IE9 yet…)