.hover on element to make div appear

I have some container divs with span inside and I want to make a content div appear when over a span.
Then it must remain visible if I remain on the container div or on the content div itself.
This is what I tried but it does not work well…


Hi @varievincenzo, there are a few things to note:

  • jQuery(".divCont").mouseenter() should be mouseleave()
  • divPub.hover( function(e) { _keepDiv(e) } , _hideDiv ) should be on the same level as the above line – otherwise you’re binding a new additional event listener each time you’re showing the div
  • The showed variable isn’t used anywhere
  • The condition inside _hideDiv will prevent hiding the div in most cases; as far as I can tell, you might drop it altogether (and then you don’t need the divParentId variable either)

Together it might look like this:

function _showDiv () {
  let elPos = this.parentNode.getBoundingClientRect()
  let divPub = jQuery('#divPub')

  divPub.css('top', elPos.top)
  divPub.css('left', elPos.right)

function _keepDiv () {

function _hideDiv (event) {

jQuery('#divPub').hide().hover(_keepDiv, _hideDiv)


Thank you m3g4p0p.
It’s quite right but there’s a problem: if I leave the content div, it disappear. This is ok if I move the mouse out of the original container div, but I would like to let the content div still visible if I return on the original container div.
In my example, if you move the mouse from the content div to the original div it remains visible: ok, but if you move it on the other container div, the content div correctly disappears. The problem was it’s not disappearing if I move directly on the blank area.
What I want:

  1. content div must be visible:
  • if I’m on content div
  • if I move mouse from the content div to the original container div
  1. content div must return hidden:
  • if I leave the content div overing every element BUT the original container div

Ah yes, sorry I missed that. I think the easiest solution would then be to move the content div inside the container div on hover; this way, you’re not actually leaving the container when moving the mouse to the content div, and no mouseleave event will get triggered:

const $divPub = $('#divPub')

$('.pover').mouseenter(function () {

$('.divCont').mouseleave(function () {

As an additional advantage, the positioning can be done using CSS only by giving the container a position: relative – here’s an updated fiddle.


Also very neat, short code. Thank you.


Glad I could help. :-)

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