Hover menu closes when hovering input values


I have a problem, I have a hover dropdown with a form. If I double click the input field so I get the “native list with saved/old values” and then try to choose one the dropdown closes. I guess its because this input list isnt a child of the <li> which trigger the dropdown on hover. Is there any workaround?

Here is a pen: http://codepen.io/ReGGae/pen/KVmVpp?editors=110

Silly question, but can anyone tell me how I can activate the suggestions list? 99% of the time I seem to get it, but now I cannot. How annoying :frowning: .

Guess it’s just a codepen submission type thing?

Yeah seems to not work on codepen. https://jsfiddle.net/acLtj4kf/2/ here is a fiddle, looks like the same “issue” there to.

I believe the suggestions are based on data that has previously been save on the form so won’t happen unless you have saved that data to that form before (or something like that).

Works for me in Chrome.

Solved it with this:

	}, function(e){
		if (!$(e.target).is('input')){

Yes, I would have thought doing codepen form submissions (I forked a version and added action/method attributes to the form), yet was unable.

Guess it’s just a codepen thing and how it handles submissions.

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