Hover effect does not work, need clicks instead

The hover effect does not work in the iPhone. Would need to change so that it clicks instead, to make it work on the iPhone.

The hover effect didn´t work in IE or Opera. I need it to work there too.

All you need to do is toggle the ‘hover’ class on .flip-container when you click.

Ok, but how do I change “hover” to “click”

The original article says that it’s been updated for touch screens, too:

and indeed, the demo works for me on the iPhone. Have you tried the latest version?

No, it does not work in Opera.
But I still think that I would like to have it with click function so you do not hovering. Maybe a little better if you’re going to enter long texts in the box.

mhh if a hover tag isn’t working in Opera and it works in like 20 other browsers maybe you should consider to put all your energy on the other (Most used) browsers.