Housekeeping: Forum merges, moves and deletions

It may be autumn on this side of the world, but we’re long overdue for some spring cleaning here at the SitePoint forums, so I’ve spent my Sunday morning doing a bit of sprucing up. If you can’t find a forum, it will be due to one of the following actions…

Due to lack of activity, the following forums have been removed:
Multimedia Content
Audio, Video and Animation
Widgets Mashups and Other Media
Games (please post Games related threads in General Chat)

The following merges have occurred:
Google > SEO
Graphics Wars > Graphics
Graphics Methods and Tutorials > Graphics
Dedicated Servers and Reselling > Web Hosting

The following move has occurred:
Photography is now a sub-forum of Graphics

Good stuff. I need to do a bit of this myself. Sometimes it seems like a good idea at the time to create a sub-forum, but then I find often it can clutter things too.

Nooooo I’ve been orphaned lol :wink:

If you want to chat Silverlight, that’s what the .NET forums are for (as well as covering ASP.NET, C++.NET, VB.NET, C#, F#, J#).

The Silverlight platform is built using the WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) which is a component of the .NET framework :slight_smile:

PS: As for the others we have a Flash forum (people talk video in there anyway) and an HTML forum (which’ll cover the HTML5 video element).

So you have! If you find yourself completely lost we’ll revisit the changes.

Frankly I hope they don’t, not a fan of yet another competing format! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sad that there aren’t many multi-media gurus around though :frowning:

Sad, but true.

If enough people that do have an interest in Silverlight start moaning then we’ll have to sort something out for them! :wink:

Not that I ever go there - but I am surprised that “Multimedia Content” and “Audio, Video and Animation” were not being frequented. With the current HTML 5 vs flash battle raging, I would have thought there would be some activity. Where would people who have an interest in Silverlight etc go? (I am not one of them, just curious…)

Hooray! It’s great that we’ve cleaned up some of the dead forums, next on the list is to flush those marketplace links :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess there probably are, but they hang out at other forums (although why anyone would want to do that is beyond me). :stuck_out_tongue:


I spy a “Web Hosting Deals” sub forum which is a dead link to what was the marketplace that got left behind :wink:

Don’t mind me though… I’m running behind from all the madcap adventures I’ve been up too :x

I did that two days ago Alex!

Thanks - they have been for a while now. That’s next on the clean up list.

Flippa marketplace links are down, looks like you switched from - to / on Flippa, but didn’t update that links here.