Hotel Booking/ Reservation Script


Can anyone help me find good hotel booking/ reservation script. I can pay for the same.

  1. in Php, Ajax
  2. Add any number of country, states, and hotels
  3. add any number of hotels with any number of rooms with different rates for different time period.
  4. adding details for hotels like: rooms details, price, amenities, photos.
  5. booking to be made 3 days in advance from current today date.
  6. paypal integration

this is some of very important requirements. if anyone can help let me know

Not sure if there’s a standalone one, but I’m sure I’ve seen plenty of such in Joomla extensions list. Check there:

you can try this BSI hotel booking script if match your requirement.

its very cheap but its not in php. its asp and msaccess.

check here: www(.)bestsoftinc(.)com

Check IOS Reservation, a component based on superb Elxis CMS.

Did you try softacid, it looks professional but expensive though, $525

Using Event Booking Calendar you can have a calendar of events which people can book online. Using password protected administration page you can add as many events as you want, specify how many people can book each event and manage all bookings…

I found something that sounds like what you want a while back on joomla, I’ll see if I can find it.

You got a solution for your requirement ? If not… try considering hotscripts dot com/listing/bphotels/ They might have a solution for you. Better hire a pro and get your work done and that would be a custom development.