HotDog HTML Editor 7.03

I have been receiving the Sitepoint newsletter for years and have found it very valuable. I have just joined the forum, because a search for a copy of Hotdog 7.03 led me here.

I have been using Hotdog since 2000. It fits my needs perfectly. I have version 7.03 and because I’m transferring to a new computer, tried to install it on the new computer, but it will not take the registration key I have for it. I suspect I may have lost the registration key that was used when I went from 7.0 to 7.03??

I am looking to buy a full version of 7.03 with a valid registration key. Since the company seems to no longer really be in business, many people have stopped using the program, and I am a present owner of the product, I think such a purchase would be “kosher”.

Any help with this situation would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Jon

oughta check out

Hi AlexDawson and jellivant,
Thank you for taking time to answer. I was hoping someone had a version 7.03 that they no longer used with a valid key that they would sell me. Alas, it appears not. I did find AceHTML Editor which looks a lot like the old HotDog. One of the features I really liked and used a lot was the right-click on an image file to edit it right there in ImageLab. I will look into DreamWeaver again, but it does seem like overkill for my needs.
Cheers, Jon

Alas if Hotdog are no longer actively in business then you’re probably out of luck (the only place you can buy Hotdog that I’m aware of is the product maker) - it could be that if their websites down, your license is correct but can’t activate anymore. Perhaps the time has come to transcend to a new tool which supports the latest modern standards. Certainly Dreamweaver (while expensive) has a LOT of benefits over Hotdog and there’s a large number of great free products like Notepad++ which are just as handy for coding and commercial products (in their masses) which can do the job equally well. :slight_smile:

As a former hotdog user (full paid versions from HotdogPro 2 up to 7.3) I sympathize. Sausage did close its doors and the program is no longer supported. I finally learned that from Kevin Yank of Sitepoint. It was a great program - ahead of its time and in some ways preferable to Dreamweaver which I use almost exclusively now. Anyway, you’ll have to move on or make do!

Hi Rockrz,
I have downloaded it and am testing it. Seems very similar to CoffeeCup HTML 2010.
Thank you, Jon

No problem. I was looking for something to replace HotDog myself a few years back and someone suggested Edit Plus and that’s how I started using that.

Their new version also works on Win 7 64 bit

Thank you all for your suggestions. Kevin Yank, who was a mover and shaker at HotDog/Sausage, told me my quest was futile, so I am going with CoffeeCup HTML Editor 2010. It has most of the features of the old HotDog 7 and a few that HD did not have. AceHTML had too many negative reviews, spyware issues and freezing being among the most serious.

Thank you AlexDawson. I’ll give that a try. Jon

Just as a final thought, if you are really desperate to get hold of a copy of Hotdog and Sausage software is no longer operating, you could perhaps try and track down the people who ran the website (Googling them) and ask them if they would kindly give you a license key you can use or perhaps open the project up to the open source community - so it could continue to be developed. As their not selling it anymore you might be able to convince them to give it up! :slight_smile: