Hot to people do this?

Hello All,

I own the following site - eplschedule

I just came across this -

He has very conveniently written a plugin or some sort of script that creates a post in his and also links to mine. How do people do this?


Do you see this line…

See the rest here:
AS Roma vs Cesena Live Stream, Highlights August 28 2010

The second line above is the link which links to

The summary is auto generated.

Yes, now the link is okay. I searched, but i didn’t found the connection between the two. The first website looks more professionist and the 2nd i don’t want to upset anyone, but it’s very crowded and unproffesional.

the link doesn`t work

For me the second link is working perfectly fine.

Yeah, i also tryied to follow the second link and it doesn’t work. Can you give us some other details about what are you reffering at?