Hostplate Review

For some time ago I did bought a dedicated server at, the server is unmanaged, but the service provided by Hostplate is very good.

The Company is Swedish, surely with English support, their servers is placed in the 100% CO2 Neutral Datacenter EvoSwitch in Haarlem a little outside from Amsterdam.

Before I did buy the server I had a lot of questions, with fast got answered via their live chat, Since I bought the server, it has been down for 5 minutes, and only reason, has been 2 reboots of the server myself - Latency for the connection, pinged from Several connections in Europe, is around 5-8ms which I think is very good.

The support they provide even when it’s unmanaged servers is really good, and the prices are awesome! You can get cheaper hosts indeed, but this support provided, and that I know the servers in a top secure datacenter, with uplinks to the biggest ISP’s in the world is really awesome.

They also provide VPS’s on 1Gbits full duplex connections, which I haven’t tried, but overall rating is good.

I can really recommend them if you is looking for an european host for a dedicated server.