Hostname of user isp

When creating a user account, is it useful to log the hostname of their isp? Or just join ip is enough to be logged?

For what purpose?

Actuallu I meant to ask for what purposes some scripts logs ips hostname of user account instead of just logging the ip of isp?

Sounds like just logging as much information as possible, because that information could be found pretty simply at any time. Who knows what they could be using it for, there could be a million different reasons why it’s useful. One instance could be to enforce bans. Some of the more popular VPNs generally have the same ISP name, regardless of what country the IP is coming from.

But, there’s no real way to tell why someone would want it. They probably have a reason that I would never think of or they don’t have any reason at all other than the “it’s better to have it than be without it” mentality.