hi all,
please am new i developed my first web site using the text editor(html and css)
i was about to host with cyberduck and was told about iweb09 which i have, but i realise i could not add my site except i built with i web is there anyway around this please

It sounds strange that you cannot add plain html and css. That seems very unlikely. Can you please explain what ‘I could not add my site except I built with iweb’ means?

the folder on my desk top “site” is where all my pages if i go to iweb, on the left column, where sites are meant to be , i try to move my folder there but it wont allow me


Have you tried to move it using FTP client ?

please can you talk me thru that as ftp client

I believe you need to contact your web hosting provider and explain that to them.
Maybe they will help somehow to solve a problem.

Some of the lower end hosts like the ones you’ve named might not have FTP or file manager capabilities. They are straight up build your web site on their own custom interface which isn’t ideal for you.

You may want to look into a better solution such as a new provider which will grant you FTP or file manager capabilities.