Hello to everyone,

After almost a year of hard work, our project is finally ready to face the world. Short cut image: 4 websites - 8 domains: 4 main, 4 forwarders. Traffic – predictions per website: within 6-9 months reach 1-2 million per month.
So how you can see the project is quiet big and will require a lot of maintenance. That’s way we are looking for a best solution to hosting such a big project.
Here are main criteria at what we want and what we can:

• The Budget is $100-200 per month
• Fully managed server
• 99.9% uptime
• Security and Antivirus
• Speed
• 24/7 support

We had some suggestions about the Dedicated, Cloud, and AWS hosting environments. But what You think ???
Any suggestions or guidance’s will be very helpful.

Thank You and appreciate for your help!

Our experience is only with shared/reseller hosting!


Dedicated server is the best option and is more supportive and better service provider in our opinion.

Good luck.

Thank You for your suggestion appreciate for your interest!
one question - your suggestion based on personal experience or other reviews?

It is based on our personal experience. Just to tell you one more thing about them - they are very strict about server security, so they do not allow anything illegal, porn, spam and so on. They have pre-sale online live support system. You can clarify each and everything before buying the dedicated server. In fact, they suggest also what will be best for you.

Good regards,

thanks … and we not interesting in - anything illegal, porn, spam and so on… !!!

For that budget, I would definitely recommend MediaTemple (dv) EXTREME. I’ve been happy with my (dv) for a long time and before that I was very satisfied with their (gs).

Their support is excellent, they are very nice and dedicated people, and always comment on blog posts where I mention them.

Once you have a (dv) account, you can of course optimize CentOS, PHP, MySQL and Apache further. This will likely dramatically increase the performance of your sites.

I’ve just optimized a web shop for a client on my own (dv) system. If you need any assistance or advice about MediaTemple or optimization, just send me an email or private message.

Dedicated server should be good for you and best is going for fully managed server option.
Are you looking for server in UK or US?

Thank You for your suggestion - i totally forgot about them - and we quite like them. :slight_smile: