Hosting Webassembly from emscripten

Where can I host a Webassembly website created using emscripten to compile C++? Can I use most any host?

I am tempted to learn about doing that type of thing but probably the technology is not yet practical. I do not know. I searched and cannot find anything describing deployment of such a site to a host. I find a little bit about self-hosting but I am not sure that helps.

I have installed emscripten and completed the tutorials in Emscripten Tutorial — Emscripten 3.1.21-git (dev) documentation up to the hello_world_sdl. I am just not sure how practical it is to proceed.

At the moment I am learning ASP dot Net Core. My purpose is to develop some websites of my own and then possibly get work doing other organization’s websites. Something like that.

I am not sure but perhaps this question should be in the General Web Dev category.