Hosting large photo sizes

Hi, I am planning a site that has a lot of large photos (using jcarosusel). I am concerned about the bandwidth usage and the hosting cost, are there standard ways of reducing the image size automatically? Thanks for any help with the question.

You can use a program like photoshop or picasa to resize the images to be web friendly.

I have a different situation, where I’m sort of hosting pther people’s photos, they upoad. So, is there anyway to automatically reduce the image size of photos people upload?

Well you could put a limit on the file size being uploaded, that would be one way of keeping a maximum on what’s being used. There are server-side scripts which can do that kind of thing. I would say for bandwidth considerations keeping images under 500KB (that allows for reasonable quality without insanely large loading times). :slight_smile:

As for automatic resizing scripts, there might be something out there, but I would worry about the lack of the user being able to pick how best to preserve the quality.