Hosting issue for a forum website: database connections to a maximum of 24 users only


I am going to host a website which is forum related (programmed in php and mysql) so it might attract 100 to 200 or maybe more per hour/ at the same time when it is launched as we will invite people to log in the site actively from time to time.

I have been looking around for a server which can cope with the busy traffic above. Then I have this answer below from the hosting server which many people use it for small businesses/ websites,

'We offer unlimited traffic therefore the number of visitors you stated
    should not be a problem. However, since we limit the number of database
    connections to a maximum of 24 users, only 24 users can login at the
    same time. Another user will be able to login after the other one logs

Then I get confused - unlimited traffic that allow unlimited visitors but database
connections to a maximum of 24 users,

'However, since we limit the number of database
    connections to a maximum of 24 users...'

I don’t quite understand the information above - the entire site
content is database driven, so every click will send a request to connect
to the database, does it mean that only 24 people can see the
website at the same time?

Maybe logging in database is a different thing from connecting a database? Then, I really don’t understand what it means by ‘logging in’ from the server point of view, as far as I understand with the knowledge I have - even though we describe it as logging in a website, no body actually ‘logs in’ the database but requesting their id, password, etc, then the browser uses cookies for the login users to insert/ update/ delete rows in the database. Am I right?

After all, please let me know if you know any hosting company can provide an unlimited/ decent database connections that I can run my forum.

Many thanks!

It means that no more than 24 connections can be established simultaneously. Since most database connections should be active only for a very short time, it does not mean that only 24 people can login to your forum. The possible number of users of your forum is much bigger than 24. How much people may use the forum before delays are becoming noticable/unacceptable I have no idea.

Thanks for the reply. So, it should be no problem if I go ahead with this hosting provider then!??

‘How much people may use the forum before delays are becoming noticable/unacceptable I have no idea.’

I don’t quite get this point though - what do u mean by ‘delays’ here?


When a lot of people use your forum at the same time, the possibility of more than 24 of them sending a request (a new page, a login, a new post, whatever) to the server and the server trying to create more than 24 database connections at the same time, will increase.
When the server tries to create the 25th connection, most probably it will cause a delay because the server will wait until one of the 24 connections that exist is closed. Since the connections usually remain open for a very short time, such a delay would become noticable only when a lot of connections are requested at once. And of course the server won’t wait forever. At some point it will go in time out and give an error.
I think it would take quite a lot of users to create such a situation, but as I said before, I have no idea how many.

Does this host already host other forums? How big are they? Are they experiencing problems?

No it has not yet. I am just worried it may cause a problem in the future if we go for this server… what do you mean ‘how big are they’? It is this server provider I am talking about -


I meant the forums hosted there :slight_smile:
If they don’t host any forums yet, then it’s a meaningless question.

I don’t know if they have hosted any other forums before… any forum hosting providers you know of?

Is it bad with only 24 db connections for a forum site?


I have no idea. Let’s see if anyone else has something to say.

OK thanks so much for your replies :slight_smile: