Hosting Images and media on sub-domain to increase page speed. WordPress, for example

On one website/WordPress blog, media is uploaded inside directories and then rendered on a page. Quite fifteen pages become very bulky when GIFS and images are there on a page.

Some blogs suggest hosting images/media on sub-domains and then embedding them from there in a page as this will increase resources and the page when downloaded will download information from more than one resource(Domain + SubDomains).

Opinions also state that browsers have a limit to downloading information and rendering from just one resource. but the efficiency is enhanced when more than one resource is available.

It is requested from other experienced experts share their experience and wisdom.

This idea works around the limitation of 4 connections per host that browsers have. However, as of HTTP/2 it’s really that relevant anymore as HTTP/2 can re-use a single connection to fetch multiple images at once1

what could help is offloading them to a CDN that is very fast at serving static content. Or look into something like CloudFlare.

What kind of hosting setup does the website currently run on?

1 gross oversimplification, but de facto that’s what happens

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