Hosting for my Facebook application

Currently I am looking for hosting for my Facebook application. I would like to get to know about your experience in hosting Facebook applications. I cannot decide on which hosting to choose. Any pieces of advice will be graetly appreciated.

Just any hosting will do as long as it supports php

hosting providers and data center services are at critical point in their life style and they have little room for errors, so my advice is for you is that you have to find that hosting company which provide services according to your need…

I did host few face book apps with site5 and have very satisfaction level.

If I were you I’d start by thinking what you’d actually need. How many users do you expect to have, how active will these users be, etc. Then take those specs and look at the offers of different hosters to see if any of them meet your specs.
Also look at any SLAs they might offer; since you want to run a facebook site it’s pretty important that you have as little downtime as possible. It would be a good think if you had an agreement on this with the hoster.

I’m not sure but I believe such facebook applications could be hosted by facebook itself.
Don’t you think so?

My advice is to go with the one who really guarantees to provide good up time and features that are needed for your facebook app. But, i suggest HostGator who is so fair with their hosting service and can assure you that you will get very app hosting experience. Just have a look on the reviews of them.

No this is incorrect, facebook do not host the app code themselves.

Any host will work well. Just make sure they allow you to host facebook apps on their services.

Can you elaborate more on the kind of application you are looking to host. Depending on the complexity and usage of the apps, you would need anything from shared hosting to a VPS or even a dedicated server.

Please share a little more.