Hosting Details of Any Idea

We have been spammed all over on

On checking the whois details of the site

we got the following ip address -

On checking it says its from isn’t even a website or company entity. Other information I see is bluehost and hostgator info on whois page.

Whom do I actually contact to get rid of spam. No responses from

Ideas ?

What do you mean by that? What are they actually doing?

You can always look up the domain info ( and also the name server info (, but if they are truly up to no good, they will probably be hard to track down.

Noticed some Negative SEO with 100’s of links pointing to our website.

Have you tried “disavow”?

Surely Google is smart enough to recognize that such incoming links are malicious, and will thus ignore them. Otherwise, people would hurt each other’s site by posting malicious links. Do you have actual proof those incoming links are actually hurting your ranking?

Can you actually prove which links are badly affecting. I thought you can’t.
I am just cleaning up the links that we have not created ourselves.

One of the big things about SEO is that you want people to find value in your site and link to it. That’s the natural process, and presumably what Google is really looking for.