Hosting 2 websites in 1 account

Does anybody know if hosting two different websites under 1 account will affect the websites in any way? I am especially thinking from a SEO point of view.


Glad I could be of help…let me know if I can possibly offer any more advice…I will help with what I can…or at least help point you in the direction of those who can :slight_smile:

pc factor, thanks that was some helpful piece of information!

The largest majority of blogs and small business sites on the internet today are on shared hosts, these usually share the same IP address so it is not uncommon for hundreds or more websites to be sharing the same IP address, this would be the only issue to worry about with two sites on same account…

The only SEO drawback would be if you were going to attempt to use the two sights to offer each other link juice, since they are sharing the same IP the juice would be shallow…being on the same account if your particular server has an issue then both sites will suffer the slowage or down time unless it is a cloud server which I recommend, it avoids such issues as a single hardware problem…

Other than that, it is a common practice, and most hosts will allow you to get a separate IP address for a single account if you ask to separate the two completely…usually only about $5 a month or so for the extra IP…

Hope this helps…

None that I know of. It is very common. Many web developers have a hosting account that lets them host many sites, and that’s fine. They don’t have to be related at all. In most cases, your websites are hosted on a server along with hundreds or thousands of others, so whether they are on one or more accounts is probably irrelevant.

thanks ldcdc but I was thinking more towards if there are any issues or negative consequences in hosting two completely different websites under the same hosting account…

Good point Alex, Should have thought of that! Well that saves me the trouble to open up new hosting accounts so thanks=)

If you’re still in any doubt over the issue, look at blogger or wordpress or squarespace or any of the other free hosts out there, they setup people with a subdomain or subdirectory on the same “system” where they can host their own content. And while those services have thousands of people using their services (even though they have dedicated hosting), their not punished explicitly for SEO reasons because each of those sites is considered an individual entity. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick answer ralph, just wanted to make sure.

I wouldn’t make much sense for a search engine to penalize you for that. Plenty of people have a couple of sites and interlink them. Most of the time it makes sense to do so (e.g. one may be about web design tips, the other may be a templates service).

If you have 1000 sites, the story changes. It’s highly unlikely that you can maintain that many great, relevant sites, and quite likely that you’re scrapping content and the interlinking of sites is done for SEO purposes only.

You should be fine, unless you want to do cross-linking between those websites.