HostGator vs. LunarPages

How 'bout HostGator vs. Lunarpages? I just signed up for HostGator, but am thinking of going to [URL=“”]LunarPages. They do FFMPEG for shared hosting plans.

but my question was about either LunarPages vs. HostGator. I ask about those teo because I can do pornography if i wanted to on them

You might also want to check Arvixe. They seem to be running a good business and are growing.

oh, and one thing about hostgator is they have no 777

Ok, because Arvixe offers adult hosting.

You say it like it’s a bad thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

In any case, they don’t have FFMPEG in their shared hosting. Cirtexhosting has a bit of a marketing focus on that thing, though I haven’t used them myself, and can’t tell you if they are any good.

thanks. i’ll check them out

I believe you need to chose web hosting according to your current needs. If you need to have media files hosted I would better recommend you VPS then shared web hosting account.

Have been using HG for 4 years now. Stellar service and support.

i just had to call hostgator to enable a simple script (timthumb.php). kind of makes me wonder what else i’d have to call them about

I have used only hostgator and i havent problems with it…

ok now here comes the killer. i can’t change php.ini settings. i have to switch. any recommendations?

I am hosting my site <snip /> with hostgator. i am quite happy

not to be an a**, but judging from the 3 posts that you have on the forums and the fact that you just linked to your site, I’m guessing that was spam

Sure, Danny, use php_value in your .htaccess file.



If you are looking for a bit more power ans good quality (although you will have to check their terms on pornography) liquidweb/stormondemand is really top notch. Its a bit more expensive, but I have been very pleased with them

I have been using Hostgator for two years. I like it because their service is really good, security on the top and I’m earning money with affiliates with Hostgator. So I advise HG. On the other hand, I have read many drawbacks about Lunarpages, so reviews about hostings can be a better solution.

haha, funny you used the term ‘on the other hand’ because that seemed like a pretty one handed post to me. most of these post do

sinjix it is because of my english knowledge. It is not easy when you can talk and write on 5 languages that have nothing in common.

i see. i admit hostgator is kinda good, but we have to admit that they have ridiculous restrictions