HostGator: Great for Hosting a WordPress Blog

If you’re thinking about hosting a WordPress blog at HostGator – then you’ve found a great choice.

HostGator has great support and will assist you in the setup – but also has Fantastico: One Click Installation for WordPress.

If you plan on hosting your wordpress blog at HostGator, I advise you to add the following plugins to maximize your sites performance:

  • WC3 Total Cache

Also, you might want to setup browser caching within .htaccess

But in the end, HostGator is a great place to host your blog and I am able to host at hostgator with 10,000 unique visitors per day :wink:

Sorry, but that proves absolutely nothing. Godaddy probably has much better numbers, but their hosting doesn’t have HG’s reputation.

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Hostagor Is The Great Hosting In The World
SEO stats of HOstgator Is The Top Position between All Hosting
Google Pagerank = 8
Alexa =383
Over = 2.500.000 Domains

Hostgator is a wonderful and stable hosting, they provide 24/7 live support but i just found 1 problem i.e. on shared server there is some delay and website take much time to open than other hosts :slight_smile:

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Well, I can’t really decide… I would like a provider like hostgator with a price like justhost. Bluehost could be something between this, but it’s still very expensive. Justhost is a very cheap service but some people are complaining about technical problems. There is also Ipage. I think it depends on every webmaster.

what do you say then ? which is the best shared unlimited hosting provider at the moment ?

hostgator is the best shared hosting provider at the moment.

Yes, but not so good when it comes about pricing. The unlimited plan is $7.95/month!

Hostgator is by far the most popular web hosting company around. They have affordable plans so that you don’t have to break the bank to use them. This company is the best especially if you are on a budget and need your website up and running smoothly. I also like the community forum as it has plenty of users and I have got a lot of tips and information from them.

I don’t like that they advertise unlimted, but really only give you “MAX” 20GB, and after 10GB will remove you from their backup’s… All of which unless you read their TOS clearly will be a surprise once your suspended.

That is inaccurate. They don’t limit disk space usage, but the number of inodes (files+folders).

The exact policy at this point in time:

The use of more than 250,000 inodes on any shared account may potentially result in a warning first, and if no action is taken future suspension. Accounts found to be exceeding the 100,000 inode limit will automatically be removed from our backup system to avoid over-usage, however databases will still be backed up. Every file (a webpage, image file, email, etc) on your account uses up 1 inode.

Sites that slightly exceed our inode limits are unlikely to be suspended; however, accounts that constantly create and delete large numbers of files on a regular basis, have hundreds of thousands of files, or cause file system damage may be flagged for review and/or suspension. The primary cause of excessive inodes seems to be due to users leaving their catchall address enabled, but never checking their primary account mailbox. Over time, tens of thousands of messages (or more) build up, eventually pushing the account past our inode limit. To disable your default mailbox, login to cPanel and choose “Mail”, then “Default Address”, “Set Default Address”, and then type in: :fail: No such user here.

7c.) Backup Limit
Any shared account using more than 20 gigs of disk space will be removed from our off site weekly backup with the exception of Databases continuing to be backed up. All data will continue to be mirrored to a secondary drive which helps protect against data loss in the event of a drive failure.

If you go to any web hosts site that offers unlimited space and bandwidth you will find out very quick that they do NOT really sell unlimited anything. You cannot sell unlimited space and then limit that space to only files used for your website. You cannot sell unlimited space and then say you can only use 50,000 or 250,000 inodes. Inodes = space used. If you get unlimited space then why do you limit that space by putting a cap on the inodes?

The reason is because you cannot get unlimited space and they cannot sell you unlimited space. Just try. Here is something you can try. I dare anyone to try it. Just go to any of those hosts that offer unlimited disk space. Then upload 50,000 (20GB) files and see what happens… The bottom line is that data centers do not give away unlimited bandwidth. Hosts have to pay for it. But the idea that most web sites don’t use much space or bandwidth makes it really easy to sell the fictional unlimited space and bandwidth. Any users that use to much resources will be suspended and the server will never get over the limits the data center set for the host. You got lied to but your happy because your host said unlimited. Why do people support hosts and companies that are not honest and sell them something they cannot get? I don’t understand that at all.

Most of those hosts that offer unlimited space also have 500 to 2000 clients on 1 server. Why? Can you imagine what would happen if even 500 users uploaded 100gb to 1 server? How many hard drives can you put in 1 server? Anyway, this is pointless, the average user will continue to support and promote hosts that mislead their customers to gain more sells. Have fun!

What almost irritates me more is that web hosting review sites and people that claim they are looking out for the public take money from these hosts to promote them even though anyone that can read and comprehend what they are reading would know they are misleading their customers and advertising things that they really do not sell. Then there are those few hosting guru’s that do it independently and don’t take money from those hosts but still promote what they are doing by giving them a good review instead of pointing out that they are misleading their customers. Then again, maybe they are taking a check to promote misleading hosts too.

I Do not like their deceptive practices about what is and is not “unlimted” I don’t like that they advertise unlimted, but really only give you “MAX” 20GB, and after 10GB will remove you from their backup’s… All of which unless you read their TOS clearly will be a surprise once your suspended. None the less, deceptive advertising practices has always been a sore subject for me. Why can’t host just be honest?

Try the math there bro. I didn’t event math, but i understand it… How much space per file does that average to? I have spoken MANY times to their tech support, and on average, that comes to about 20GB… So if you buy their plan that allows for unlimted web sites, and you point 10 domains to that, if gives you 25,000 inodes, per site and at 80b per file (80b x 250,000 = 20GB) or 2GB per site. Now the resource usage, ie CPU is based on per account not per actual website, you will reach their CPU cap quite quickly. So as I stated “accurately” it is no where near “unlimited”.

Dont forget inodes includes SQL’s files, emails, CGI files, everything.

We used them in the past, they are good.

yes, hostgator is the best, hawakhost…? late support online

I think Hostgator is doing their business pretty well by keeping their customers happy that’s why they are getting so many positive reviews. I think they do have a solid reputation in the hosting industry.

Their support is slow by email, but if you call them directly generally they can fix your issue there and then. That’s been my experience at least. :shifty:

Thanks for review. I will gonna try them