HostGator Brasil

i hope to make domain from Brasil
can any one help me

it does not matter if the domain is .com or .br or other with hosgator you can host any kind of website! Regards

In any case I recommend send ticket to hostgator and make sure they will support your domain name.
I think you will never have a problem with finding web hosting company in US.

Why did you give it the title hostgator Brazil? Hostgator’s servers are in the US. It looks like they might have operations in Brazil with US servers though.

Because the OP wants to have a .br (brasil) domain name hosted by HostGator.

If you speak Portuguese, the official registrar is They should have the information you need. After you register your domain there, you should be able to add it to your hosting account in Hostgator.

Do you want to make sure your web host will be able to support Brazilian domain names?
I believe they should be supported by most US web hosts.

Moreover you may need to prove that is are the resident of Brazil as this domain name extension might be available only for Brazilian.

i hope to make domain from Brasil

If you’re interested in hosting a domain in Brazil, Hostgator does not provide that. Their servers are in the US.

The Brazilian TLD is .BR and it’ll set you back about 118 Euros from - which is the only registrar I could find offering it.