My views on : Good for medium size business.

VPS with 40GB storage. (10 GB, 20 GB, 40 GB - same cost ;-))
They look like growing. They are adding more storage, and CPU in the older costs, but to the new customers.

Support is fairly good. They help to recover the crucial losses like email accounts.

What is bad? Their backup is not so frequent. When you lose, you probably get an older restore that you really do not like.

Nice to hear you are happy with them. They must be popular in Nepal?

Looks like an overall solid host Bimal. They’ve been around for quite a while too, which is generally a good thing too. Congratulations on your choice!

Please let us know a domain that you’re hosting there to verify your experience with the company. Thank you!

We we using VPSes since 2007 and we started trying having VPSes with HFW in 2008 and after almost 2 years, we have been very satisfied with their service. They have fast ticket response times, solid VPSes and nodes with nary a downtime. We planned for only two VPSes with them and ended up with seven (7) !!. And yes, we still have those 7 VPSes with HFW today.