HostAVPS 3 Month Review

Hey guys

Just posting my first review about First off, i use to use burst for 2 months and moved to hostavps when I had nothing but issues there with everything from their slow network to support that took forevrr to get back to me on simplest issues.

So its been about 3 months now with hostavps and I am really happy with them so far, knock on wood… I know everyone has their own perspective on what a good host is but everything about these guys, its is keeping me happy. I can submit a ticket and usually in like 10 minutes I have a response regarding the issue, which is really nice since I am not a linux guru or anything so its great to have someone there that can manage my vps for me. I have never had to use their live chat yet but its nice to know its there if i run into an emergency.

Since i started hosting with them my site hasn’t been down which is awesome, as it use to go down much more frequently than that at burst and my network issues went away when moving to hostavps as this was the first thing I checked when I got on their servers.

Overall, I am really satisifeid with this host which isnt something I can always say. I hope these guys stay the same because I will sure be a lasting client if they are. Great job guys! :slight_smile:

well nice to hear about their customer service and uptime. Can you please share about the control panel they offer? and whats the price plan?