Horizontal Scrollbar on Website

I’m looking for a container or an element that is causing a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of this site. It seems to be only on the one page.

If you’re able to see the cause, is there a way to diagnose this using Google/Firefox Developer Tools Box Model?

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It can identify the offending element when it shows the outline by highlighting its area.
In this case it look like the first div with the class loader-wrapper is causing the overflow, though I have yet to figure out exactly why, but it’s a start.

Ah, no, maybe its not that but the bit with the map on it further down.

It’s the #travel3d and #GalleryBlog elements where you have 30px negative side margins which are causing the scroll. The other elements have 15px negative margins.

Try this:

#GalleryBlog {
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