Horizontal rule extending past div

I have a mockup that has a line that seems to goes from the left edge of the browser to the right side a few times.

Now, the rest of the page has a set width and I put everything in a wrapper div.

My question: Is the only way to get lines that go the width of the browser window to put it outside of the wrapper div?

I had wanted to avoid the lines going in the wrong places if the user changes the font size or resizes the browser window.

If you havce a wrapper div that is a fixed width and you want something inside it to be the full browser width then you are SOL unelss you decide to absolutely position the line and hope that there isn’t a parent constrictnig it :slight_smile:

It’s hard to say what your options are without a link or at least full HTML/CSS :).

Do you have a URL you can point us to so we can see?