Horizontal menu items misaligned vertically only in Safari

my menu is perfectly aligned in Firefox and Chrome but on Safari the main level items are vertically misaligned. Some are a few pixels higher on the page than others. Any ideas?
One tip, it is the ones without sub menus that are slightly lower only on Safari.
You can see it here http://www.babasouk.ca/


The problem seems to be something to do with the :after element you are placing on the parent of a drop down which is causing the issue. You seem to be hiding that element anyway (as it was a downward arrow) so why not remove it altogether.


#header #navigation ul.nav > li.parent a:after {

However Iā€™m not sure if you meant to be hiding that arrow or not?

Thanks!! That was it.
I was removing the arrow by removing the content with
content: ā€œā€;
I got rid of that and just used your code. Interesting that it behaved differently across various browsers.
Thanks so much. I missed your reply as I did not get a notification, hence the delay. Just came back thinking weird no one answered and there it was :wink:

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