Horizantal Scroll Bar in IE&

What causes the horizontal scrollbar in ie7? I keep getting this awful scroll bar site wide. I’ve been struggling all day to get rid of it without any success.

Can anyone give me a starting point on what might be causing this…Firefox, Safari etc are fine…

Thanks in advance for your help

Due to an IE bug, something is probably not sitting where it ought to, or is far too wide. But without seeing your site (or code) it’s a bit like telling a doctor you don’t feel right and asking for a diagnosis without further information, I’m afraid.


This is a development page but it is a duplicate of the home page. Much of the work is ongoing…I know is a tough one…thanks…

I found the problem, the issue was with the skip navigation link, I mistakenly positioned it absolute, I should have hidden it instead.

Instead of #maincontent, .skip {position: absolute; text-indent: -9999px}
I used #maincontent, .skip {visibility: hidden;}.

I don’t like to hide stuff because I’m very search engine conscious. However, I do need the skip navigation link because of the massive mega drop down menu.

Debugging was not pretty…

Glad you got it!

I certainly wouldn’t worry about hiding stuff in this way. I’m not sure the search engines take much notice of the page’s styling—but I’m happy to stand corrected.