Homewebsite Affiliate ( Is it a scam? )


This new year i started with enrolling to this site called homewebsite.com
where they create website and need to affiliate the website
Like this one http://knev11837.eliteweightlosspackage.com/

They forced me to go for one more package called
Upgrade to PRO now to create more websites!
You can create tons more websites and increase your revenue by upgrading to PRO now. Normally this is £89.95 but today-only you can sign up for just £39.95. Click Here to Upgrade to Pro!

I even paid for this package, but for past few weeks my account has not been upgraded, i kept sending emails to there support center, i get a reference number but not response.

Is this really worth enrolling or iam fooled by this website
Is this scam site?

How can i get back my money?


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New blogger should be aware of this kind of scams

I see that the payment is done through paypal! Is there no way you can cancel your payment with them?

I don’t think you can get that back, but double check terms see if any chance there

Is this affiliate program is scam ?

It’s certainly not responsive but that doesn’t mean it’s a scam. If more users share a similar opinion you may be able to draw that conclusion but right now it doesn’t sound like anyone else has tried them (paying for affiliate programs is not commonly done).

If the payment is thru paypal then report it to paypal, you might not get your money back but at least you get a chance if ever paypal sided with you. Plus, they might reply to your previous inquiries and speed up the process of your upgrade.