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Hi everyone,

We’ve got a homepage without text – just two links that point to the two main sections of the site. Here’s the URL: https://wandelzeit.webflow.io

Each of the two sections that the homepage links to have distinct (although related) offers. The intention was to get Google & Co to refer to the section landing page, and therefore optimise those.

However, the question that’s come up is whether it is detrimental to the ‘findability’ of the site not to have any text of description of the general theme of the business. Sure enough, the site title has the business name that also includes keywords, but is that okay? Will the ‘rest’ (=bulk) of the site, as well as the local business listing with Google, give enough juice?

We really like the minimalist landing page that directs visitors without delay to the most relevant section. But is that a ‘bad’ homepage in SEO terms?

I don’t see how the home page would affect the way the other pages appear in search results. Each page is indexed individually, and it is individual pages, not the site as a whole, which are returned in response to search queries.

Personally, I would be more worried about the fact that any visitor arriving on your homepage without JavaScript will not see the links and will be unable to progress beyond that page.

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