Homepage navigation issue


Hello all, I am having trouble with this top menu just on the homepage at

It’s fine on the interior page menus, but on the homepage it jumps because the arrows are not there initially and all the links change color on hover, it should be like the interior ones.

Any ideas? I inherited working on this site from another designer and they used the crappy Visual Composter to do it.

THank you,


On the home page you are adding a class to the body called page-template-hero and its this class that is redefining all the styles for the navigation.

You can either not output that class on the home page (assuming you don;t need it) or alternatively comment out the navigation styles that are prefixed with that class.

I don’t do SASS but your rules are starting around here.

    position: relative
    z-index: 2
     background: #22323f !important;)
        height: 70px
        background: rgb(255,255,255)
        .page-template-hero &
            background: #414e6180

Thanks for the help on this, i got this resolved.