Homepage Display Multiple Categories Separately

I am trying to code a custom homepage for a Wordpress website. As the website is a website that showcase products, the homepage will be featuring 2 categories in 2 rows. Each product is basically a post.

The 1st row will show 4 featured images from Category A and 2nd row will show 4 featured images from Category B. The difference is that Category A will show featured images in a random manner while Category B will show the featured images based on the date of the posts.

Is there any template tags that I can use?

Where and how will the various images be stored? A quick search, I found the post thumbnails function, this may help some - I haven’t used it. You will need to create mulriple “loops” on the page using [url=http://codex.wordpress.org/Template_Tags/get_posts]get_posts. The combination of these would probably do what you want to do.

At the moment, the images will be uploaded using the media library. When creating each post, a featured image will be set. I will have a look at the post_thumbnails function.

Thank you for the advice on the multiple loops!

To my knowledge, images from/in a gallery cannot be associated with things other than themselves.