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Hi guys I am running a site for jobs for a long time and I have so far managed to get good traffic on my site but the thing is that my homepage is not showing in google pages against its key words. Now other pages are working fine and I can see them against their keywords but something is wrong with homepage. For example if people search like army jobs or teaching jobs or something like computer operator jobs they can see my website pages related to that job but when they search like jobs in pakistan or jobs in uae or jobs in saudia arebia I cant see my site there. My website is fully ranked and has a good alexa rank also. You can check it yourself and also check the keywords as I told you, jobz.pk. Now since I have asked many people same question on different forums they me that you should check your webmaster toll their might be an email or something like that form google but I have made sure its nothing like that please help.

Welcome to the forums, @sabashahidsf46.

At a quick glance, your home page appears to have no real content, apart from links to other pages, which will presumably be constantly changing as you update the information. That means there’s very little real content for Google and other search engines to index. At the same time, “jobs in Pakistan” is a very broad term, and likely to have high competition. I’d say it’s unsurprising that your home page isn’t ranking well. If your other pages are performing well, then I don’t think you need worry too much about the home page.

This website is 10 years old website with good reputation and good audience. You can see that home page has text as well, in the middle, text paras including keywords are there present. Now for mostly keywords including “Jobs in Pakistan”, our other page is showing in the first page in the google from years, but why home page is not appearing for this keyword and many many other keywords, Because we optimize home page for these keywords. You can see that for keyword “Jobs in Pakistan” in google pakistan google.com.pk, instead of home page, this page http://www.jobz.pk/government-jobs/ is appearing.

So I was worried, that whether there is some kind of penalty on home page for this site, or it is just other reasons?

To the best of my knowledge, Google does not penalise individual pages. If it judges you to have broken its guidelines in some way, it will penalise the whole site - and you will be notified of the reason.

Google returns in search results those pages which it judges to most closely match the search term. If your site has many similar pages, then Google is likely to simply choose one of them to present, which is what you seem to be seeing here. If one of your pages is ranking well for the general keyword, does it really matter which one? Why do you feel it is important that it is your home page which ranks here?


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