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Pretty harsh I think. It could happen to anyone, although best case you wouldn’t let the client see it until it was fixed. However, sometimes in testing the things that go right go wrong once the site is live.

He said “I think this is unacceptable” and I agreed with him. I also wouldn’t hire a website designer who had a slow home page like that so I’m only being honest. I guess, maybe too honest.

My bad. I misunderstood. I was thinking … well I don’t KNOW what I was thinking! :rolleyes: I wasn’t thinking the developer’s home page. I was thinking a home page for a client, in which case he was probably already hired. I agree with you. If your own home page is taking 10 seconds to load, you will only lose traffic and possible clients. I’d take it down until it was fixed (or at least make sure it was out of sight).

Yeah, sorry for the misunderstanding. I probably could have written with a little more clarity. I’m surprised that anything I type makes sense some days with all the crazy things I have going on. :slight_smile:

if that is the problem, do the following steps. those will definatively help you.

optimize css
optimize javascript
use CDN such as MaxCDN

if you are using wordpress, use W3 Total Cache

Use external CSS and Javascript
Use CSS Sprites

http://webpagetest.org is also pretty good at measuring speed. It will also show you when page started to render in certain browser and what caused the delay. Great tool. Try it there and share your findings.

well you can check the load time for each module separately or images with the help of GT Metrix …

Seems like media compression is going to need to be your priority. I’d also see if you can change anything to static HTML to see if you can reduce the overall queries being done to databases (like the links on the right). As a random side note, just for visual appearance, don’t forget to change the alt tags on your images - they still have funky mouseovers :wink:

One issue with page load speeds is your advertisements… this is something you really do not have much control over if your ad server or ad network is serving ads that are resource intensive. Is that true??? IS there a way to optimize ad loads and it effecting over-all page load times??

Your loaded in 2 or 3 seconds for me…

OK guys, lots of great suggestions here. Since the OP hasn’t returned, let’s put this one to bed. :slight_smile:

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