Home page linking or deep linking which one is better?

Home page linking: If I indicate all keyword for my home page. My home page can get quick back link, as a result good page rank and good position in SERP. Most of the directory and blog, forum don’t not allow deep page linking for free, but it is very easy to get link for home page and popularize it and get result.

Deep page link: If I link all my keyword to my home page, visitor may come through a link and get confuse in home page. Suppose I have a post 3 level deep, but through my keyword visitor came to homepage, and cannot find directly that post, user frustration and bounce rate will increase. However it is very tough to get back link for deep page link.

What you think is the right process? Concentrate only on home page or popularize deep category page individually. Thanks for spearing your valuable time.

Think about your visitors and link to the page most appropriate from the page they’re currently on.

its depends upon your popularity of inner and homepage because if visitor is giving more time of your inner page rather than your home page then get back link and increase the popularity within search engines. In other hand both are important.

In general, I would always go for deep-linking. That makes it easier for people following links to get to the right page (a high proportion of people will not use site navigation - if a link or Googlink doesn’t take them straight to the page they want, they will give up there and then). It also helps search engines to find all the pages on the site and understand what they relate to. As long as your site navigation is half-way decent, Google will find the home page from the deep linked page.

The only time I would advise against deep linking is when you can’t guarantee the integrity of the links - if you can’t be sure that the URLs will remain the same (or at least be redirected), deep linking can be dangerous - you can quickly find that all the links rot and end up serving up 404s all over the place.

better to link to top landing pages of your site.

I agree. Always give importance to your visitors because search engines love a user-friendly site. Site that is easier to navigate to, is one of the sites with lesser bounce rate.

I prefer links for my inner pages. It is little bit hard to generate baclinks for inner pagers but if we don’t take good efforts, can’t see satisfactory results. We are having lots of options to generate backlinks, not just directory submission. Every generated backlink should count worth and worthless backlinks are just useless.

I was just using the home page url to target all keywords. Got really good information here.


ur keyword density should be the same on every level, but linking hoe page is more appropriate because if someone came to ur site for looking some specific thing or content he’ll definitely discover it


If someone came to your site looking for a specific thing, they would want to be taken to the specific page about that specific thing, not the home page.

As for search engines, you need both backlinks to your homepage and deep links.

As for human users, links should lead directly to the relevant content.

You may get deep links with link exchange or natural linking , provided that your deep page has a relevant and attractive content.

As stated above, linking to deep pages is much heavier than linking to homepage due to the short average life of deep links. Make always the 301 redirection when you move your content and advise your link partners of the change. It takes time and method, but it is worthwhile to be done.

I don’t think it helps to think of deep links as having a shorter averag life. Ues, you’ll need to sort out those links if the linked page is removed, but you cross that bridge when you get to it.

There are countless reasons why a deep link may die, incl. change from asp to php (or vice versa), change from a subdirectory to a subdomain (or vice versa), move to another domain or simply to another page, pending translation of a multilingual content change, and so on.

The appropriate 301 redirection is not made in a lot of cases.

If you mean getting deep links is of crucial importance for a site, I fully agree with you.

If you mean providing deep links and removing automatically dead deep links is not heavier than the same job with homepage links, I fully agree with you too.

I just mean deep links are to be updated much more often than links to homepage. Updating manually a lot of dead deep links is a charge since a lot of webmasters do not make the appropriate redirection.

There are two reasons. The page on the URL doesn’t exist anymore, or the link doesn’t exist anymore. Links to deeper pages might have a shorter life than those to the home page, but really, this shouldn’t be a consideration if you’re on the lookout for links.

If somoene offers to link to one of my internal pages, I’m not going to encourage them to link the home page instead.

That is absolute rubbish in every respect (including use of the English language).

First - forget about keyword density. Seriously, just forget it. Write content that sounds right when people read it, don’t try to manipulate some arbitrary and non-existent word count.

Second - if there is a specific page that people will find useful – given the context of your link – then link to that page. If you only link to the home page, (a) a lot of people won’t ever find the information on the site (trust me, a high proportion of people will not use a site’s internal navigation, if the link doesn’t give them the exact answer then they will give up immediately), and (b) this will reflect badly on you, because you’ve given them information scent that has turned out to be a false hope. If I follow a link that tells me it is going to give me specific information and then it just dumps me at the home page, that is very unhelpful. The only excuse for doing that is if you know that the site is one of those that frequently changes URLs and fails to put in appropriate redirection – but I would generally just avoid linking to that kind of site if possible, they don’t deserve your traffic.

I would still use deep-linking where possible.

If you deep-link, there is a good chance that you will send people directly to the information they require, and a small chance that you will send them to an error page. If you home-link, there is a 100% chance that you will not send people directly to the information they require. And in most cases, being directed to a home page is little more useful than being directed to a 404 page.

Deep links carry more weight.
If you are motivating some one to read your blog post about plastic surgery, you should give the particular url to the post. It is natural and also carry more advantage. Because SE don’t look only to the link, there is a issue of weight with links.
So deep and links from relevant category give more weight.

I think it has to be agood balance.

Initially the home page is your starting point.
Deep links are harder to generate but you could us esocial bookmarking to start this off, blogging post will allow, but obviously you need to contribute.

What makes you think that? Links that are related to the page carry more weight than links that aren’t related. So if the deeper page is more relevant than the home page, then the link will carry more weight. But that’s not because it’s a deep link, it’s because the page is more relevant.