Holding a business dinner

I am panning to organise a business dinner & mini pitch presentation before dinner by myself this time. As I used to delegate this kind of tasks to my assistants, I am afraid that I could forget something… I trying to make this a surprise so I need to do it all by myself.
Anyone here held business dinner? any tips? A checklist may be? Links? Etc…
The dinner is planned for the last week of March.
I will invite 50-55 persons.
I already booked the conference room of a hotel and one of their restaurants.

I haven’t done this in a business dinner setting, but I regularly train and speak in front of groups.

The first time I presented to a group of potential clients, I wanted to be sure I really knew my material, so I started writing down everything I wanted to say. But at some point, I realized I’d have to read my presentation from my paper. To avoid this, I forgot about the presentation, and instead focused on writing an article on the topic. Once finished, I was able to make a presentation based on my article. The only notes I had were bullet points to keep me on track. (As an added benefit, I put the article on my website and referred my audience to it afterwards.)

PowerPoint can help you keep on track, but don’t overdo it. Each slide should only have basic information and/or an appropriate image to emphasize each point.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the input John :slight_smile: I really appreciate it!

Nowadays, businessmen and businesswomen have a lot of responsibility. They are trying to be best of the best in their specific fields. Thus, when you are going to organize some sort of event, just be more confident, act naturally and be polite to everyone.