Ho do I promote the adult dating site?

Just not so long time ago I’ve started an adult dating site but having trouble with the marketing. I’ve done the keyword and page description work and it seems to be ok but:

1-) I tried to submit my site to the free general directories and most of them didn’t accept my submission.

2-) I request links exchange from the other dating sites and they said no.

So here is the question, how can I promote an adult dating site? What m’I doing wrong? It feels really bad when they deny you or when you see that your site going no where. Thanks.

Yeah, I’m agreeing with Ravedesigns. You need a niche if you’re going to get a dating site up and running, what with Cupid still out there, eHarmony with all their TV ads, Match.com powered (read, “funded”) by Yahoo, and “Plenty of Fish” taking over major market share with their Totally Free site.

What’s the niche? All the new dating sites coming online are niche-oriented. Find yours.

But using those ezine articles is duplicate content right? Yes maybe I should write some articles after my article writing lessons.

Why don’t you try standard Article Marketing?

Start churning out 5 articles each day. You can also outsource this.


Just my two cents…but with probably hundreds or different dating sites already out there…you’re going to have a tough job starting a new site unless you’ve got lots of money to spend on marketing and promotion.

What made you want to start another one? Is there something different about your site from the many others already out there?


i would usually join in other networks like facebook and myspace…

Then I blog…


You should have a particular niche to start with. I agree with the people in here that you should do article submissions. You might as well try doing backlinks, manage social media like creating your own business page or following threads on twitter and others. There are many methods out there that can promote your adult dating site. Try to do a little research.