Hire PHP Developer externally vs Hire inhouse employee

Hey folks,

There’s a much discussed topic where 65% of people say they prefer hiring PHP developer from external companies and rest of them are satisfied with in-house employees.

Share your thoughts on the same.

Team eLuminous Technologies.

How about your insight? What do you prefer? What advantages/disadvantages do you see?

Well, we would always suggest to go with the service providers who offer to Hire Web developers. Talking about the benefits, I have listed few as follows:

  • No investment of time and money in recruitment process.
  • No bearing of cost required for insurance and taxation stuff.
  • No need to bear operational overheads.
  • You don’t have the stress of project execution, the other company has. And to maintain their reputation in the market, they will surely get it completed on time.
  • No need to pay a constant salary, if you don’t have any projects, you wont need to pay.

Would love to hear more advantages & disadvantages from you all.

Team eLuminous Technologies.

Well, I prefer hiring freelancers if in case I have something easy to do because I could definitely find some services that are cheap. However, I prefer in house employees when it comes on bigger projects.

One of the benefits of having a programmer on staff is that you, the manager, get to decide what the programmer’s priorities are. If you engage for a project with a contractor, the contractor may have 20 other projects going and will get to yours whenever he or she decides to work on your project.

The other reason to hire full-time staff in this area is when employee loyalty is important to you. There will always be a bigger client, job offer, head hunter, jv project that supersedes yours if you stay working with freelance contractors. That’s fine, as long as you have the ability to roll your project to another freelancer when your best helper gets scooped up by a better offer than you’re able to provide.