Hilarious Prank

I don’t understand how they got away with this prank, unless the riders of the elevator in question unwittingly signed some lengthy contract absolving the producers of liability before they stepped into the elevator. Either that, the producers paid a massive insurance premium to pull it off, or Brazil simply has no legal system.
Whatever it is, it’s the most hilariously terrifying prank I’ve ever seen. Amazing.

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I watched this earlier this morning, I can only imagine how they feel when the light goes off and suddenly a little scary girl appears. It has put me off lifts - but I don’t have to use an elevator in my everday life, only when on holidays staying in hotels.

Has this put anybody else from using lifts/elevators?

That’s a pretty nice elevator.

That made me laugh. But it must have been scary if I was the one on the elevator.

Hahah nice!

they could give someone a heart attack!