Highlight seven different buttons on a web page as an MP3 plays?

I’m not sure if this post (my first to this site) is going into the correct category – I’m trying to develop a personal web site using Wordpress.

I have an MP3 file that’s about a minute long. It has seven different sections. Beneath the player for the main file will be seven buttons that will give the user the option to jump to certain parts of the MP3 if they want to listen again, then play to the end. As it plays, I’d like each of the seven different buttons to be highlighted as the user makes their way through the MP3.

Would this be possible?

It may be possible, but would require some scripting using JavaScript and isn’t a trivial thing to pull off, I suspect.

Use the timeupdate event and currentTime to monitor playback time. Highlight and enable each button according to the time .

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