Highlight current menu tab CSS not working properly on live host

Hello Good People,

I have moved my site to live host (bluehost.com) and CSS rule to highlight current menu tab is not working for one page (work.html). It was working properly while on my local machine but stopped working after I moved site files to live host and added my wordpress blog. I am wondering if this can be related to navigation structure coz blog is located in the subfolder.

On top of that, navigation itself is not working properly when going thru nav tabs from bottom to top - when clicked on blog tab it prompts to blog.html, however,
I removed that page coz all blog is wordpress php files and located in the subfolder (I am wondering if this is the host issue).

site URL http://prygara.com/

Its working for me. Clear your cache should fix it.

Already did. Thanks, it works now.