Highlight Cross Browser Compatibility Issues

Hello all

At work, I have been asked to highlight common cross-browser compatibility issues. I have spent the last few hours looking for a site that would highlight the differences. For example, providing a brief description of the issue and then showing the code.

About the closet thing I have found so far is this:

Do a find on “Common Differences” and you will see the section I am referring to.

Does anyone know of a site that highlights cross browser differences?

Thanks in advance for your time and knowledge.

http://www.quirksmode.org/compatibility.html is worth a look as is http://a.deveria.com/caniuse/

Thank you very much for the response. The 2nd site you provide is excellent.

TryingToLearn, you might also want to check out this website, it’s IMO better than the above:

http://www.webdevout.net/ (Check browser support for HTML, CSS, DOM, etc). :slight_smile:

Excellent site. Thank you for the post.