Higher education!

hi mates!!!
I have done pharmacy and now looking to get some more higher education…what subject should i choose in the mphil which would give me good job in future???
waiting for replies…
thanks :slight_smile:

Agreed, plus if you’re looking for something in the medical field (like Pharmacy), you’re on the wrong board, this is a web professionals forum, not a doctors club :wink:

Well aside from telling you what I’d study let’s find out a little more about what may actually make sense for you… starting with who you are and what you want to do.

Are you looking to get into a new field? Learn more in a current field? What have you done? Where are you located? What do you hope to do?

Well~~ to change from Pharmacy to IT… most likely you’ll have to take pay cut only because you’re starting new. Still, it’s amazing to hear a pharmacist want to be in IT… no offense but I find the most IT idiots in the medical field… no pun intended…

It depends on what part of the IT industry you want to go into. Claiming you want to work in computing is like saying you want to work in Science, you need to explicitly tell us what kind of thing you want to end up doing. There’s literally hundreds of different jobs which computing people undertake. :slight_smile:

I have done pharmacy and I want to change my side…I want to work related to IT field…What should i do??

Hi NewGen,

I noticed you’ve posted a few messages in the forums about various “getting started” aspects of IT and web development. If you’ve getting in at the ground floor, so to speak, you may want to try the Beginner’s Info from the Sitepoint Forums. That gives a lot of good resources to explore the territory.


I do agree that most IT related jobs deals in the field of Computer and all things about the web and there are thousands of such types of jobs which are posted on the internet. If it’s something medical or pharma, Medical Transcription Online jobs are all I remember, just Google and I’m sure you’ll find something and, Good Luck!


Hello Newgelmarketing,
Why are you change your path after Pharmacy. Because pharmacy level students will calculate into the Doctors because they know about all medicine and daises. Also you will get license after that diploma… and it is very good to you… Friend I suggest you don’t change your path of the education. it will give to you a great future…

Coumputer is the best subject for Mfhil.You can get job easily in the future because there are many fields in the computer.

An MPhil is a poor degree to take if you’re looking to study Computer Science or a related degree as it appears to be a research masters. You’ll need to study for a MSc, which is a taught degree.

A lot of universities in the UK provide what are called conversion masters, where people with a degree outside of Computer Science can learn the essentials within the space of a year.