High Spees Scanners - Where to buy?

I saw a commercial on TV for the high speed scanner sold online at http://www.tryneat.com, but they want $400 for this thing!

It’s used to quickly scan documents into your computer I think as a TIFF, or PDF

Anybody know where to find this kinda scanner, but for less money?

Why don’t you try their free trial? You might like the product.

The neat thing about neat isnt the scanners it is the software suite. You can get to the same place more or less with a scanner of any sort and Evernote.

It’s way overpriced…there’s got to be a simple alternative that works the same for less since it’s just a scanner that scans quicker than a normal scanner.

Just wanted something that was stand alone and scanned quickly.

All the scanners that you want with those specs are on that price level.

As I said try their trial, if you don’t like it, you can always ship it back.

I think you should search for the scanners on ebay and amazon. you will definitely find good scanners with competitive prices