High quality image resize with PHP

I’ve tried imagecopyresized (), but it gives really bad quality images. Then I’ve tried imagecopyresampled (). It gives better quality, but still there are aliased artifacts (ugly lines, wires etc).

Is that possible to make best quality Adobe-Photoshop-like bilinear resize with PHP? Is that possible to make high quality resize with GD? If not, are there some custom image plugins for PHP?

PS: Samples:



Try looking for libraries using ImageMagick, it’s processing is better than GD2 for most things. I’d been fiddling with the CodeIgniter framework and it’s Image_lib class is very nice, allowing you to choose which image processor to use, GD/GD2/ImageMagick/NetPBM.


PHPThumb is another easy-to-use class once you have ImageMagick installed on your server. IM is pretty much Photoshop on a command line :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.

ImageMagick itself is command line software.

You could always go for the real deal and get Adobe Graphics Server. I mean, it’s only about $7500 per cpu - what a steal!