High Authority Websites that allow you to Create Blogs

What are some high authority websites that allow you to manage your own blog?

Here is an example: <snip />

Does anyone know what other sites allow you to do that?

I don’t think that’s an authority websites?

Maybe I’ve misunderstood the question, but www.wordpress.com?

Read the article, it’s advertising from the OP.

As mentioned, WordPress or Blogger are probably the best to go for.

Lost of sites have that feature to post articles…
I’m sure you don’t need us to tell you about the usual suspects such as squidoo.com and hundreds of others…
I don’t get the question, I don’t think it’s a lame attempt at spam from a 400+ posts member, so I’m wondering why I don’t get the point…
What exactly do you call “high authority websites” ?

Hey, sorry about posting the link… didn’t mean to spam a blog post.

I am looking for websites that allow members to post blogs / add content. Blogspot, Wordpress, etc. gives you free hosting for a blog… but I also want them to link the blog throughout the website so it gets some juice.

Here is another example: http://blogs.ign.com/ (for gaming) You can write a blog post and have it link out to your gaming website. The actual blog post will get high authority because they link all blog posts throughout their websites.

This is closer to ‘guest blogging’ then it is just having a free blog host.

http://www.webmonkey.com is yet another site that allows you to post articles… but they put nofollow tags on all outgoing links.

Thinking logically, such a service would have dozens of users, so any links to your Blog on their system would be heavily diluted and any benefit would be non-existent. I would rather host the Blog on my own server in order to gain the flexibility I need rather than have a couple of links from the same website to my Blog.

Such a service are sites such as squidoo… and they do have thousands of users but it is still effective. Still looking for these sites so let me know if you know of one.

I’ve recently came across triond.com because one of new users on my site is using it. I’ve found it quite different from others, because when you post content there, your content is posted on one of several different domain names.
Instead of having all content on their main domain name triond.com they’ve made one domain name for each topic category, so that the content on each domain is well targeted, which will make each domain grow better in the eyes of search engines. And in the process, the company behind triond will generate several domain names / web properties instead of just one, on which to sell advertising!

Like this site called http://www.triond.com/

If I anderstood it correctly you have it in Worriors forum.