Hiding information that comes from php from page source


I just wanted to know that is there a way to hide some inormation that comes from php for example in following string:

<a href=“skype:<?PHP echo $name;?>?call”>

Can i hide/encrypt the value of $name when someone sees page source?

since the information is used on other site, i can’t even use encryption/decryption.

Is this doable?

Please suggest!


You could use some obfuscation tools, but none are 100% - at the end of the day if someone is keen enough to muck around with your code, they will!

If someone wants a link to their Skype account on their website then there’s no point whatsoever in trying to mask the name - as soon as someone else tries to use the link they’ll know the account name anyway.

This would be a pointless exercise. :slight_smile:

In theory you could set the name to a encrypted variable in javascript and then once the page has loaded use the javascript to set the elements value - when view source is clicked it won’t be visible.

It leaves the question though… why?