Hide real URL from origin - Cloudflare

I think this is called URL masking, but not 100% positive.


Let me explain what I am trying to do.

I have Cloudflare on my domain, and have set up my origin server.

If I visit hello.domain.tld, Cloudflare points it to the origin IP, and the server displays website #1

If I visit hola.domain.tld, Cloudflare points it to the origin IP (Same IP), and the server displays website #2

I want to be able to visit hola.domain.tld, have Cloudflare point it to the orgin IP, but have the server display website #1. So the server has to be tricked into thinking that I am actually visiting hello.domain.tld.

Is this possible to accomplish with the Cloudflare free plan?

So far, I have tried using CNAME and A record, neither works as I want it to.

Oh, and I do not have FTP access to hello.domain.tld (Website 1), but I do have FTP access to hola.domain.tld (Website 2)

Thanks for your help!

So do you actually own “domain.tld”… or dont you? Cause… it sounds an awful lot like you’re trying to steal the content from a site you dont own…

Yes, I own domain.tld.

Sorry, it does kind of sound like that, doesn’t it? I am using some online service thing that needs access to a subdomain. However, the subdomain is a bit misleading, and I want to change it. However, the service does not allow me to. If I try to access the IP with any other subdomain name, my own error page appears.

So I somehow have to trick this other server into thinking the correct subdomain is given so it will show the correct webpage.

The easiest way would be to change this on the origin server; instead of one configuration for hello and for hola, have one configuration for both those subdomains.

Unfortunately, I can only manage the hola subdomain. The service I am using locks out the hello subdomain, and there is no way to change it.

Okay, then there is still a last option, which is to use a reverse proxy from hola to hello.

Do you have full control over the web server? And what web server is it?

No, I do not have full control, I am using shared hosting.

I was hoping that it is possible to do this with Cloudflare?

I wouldn’t know how. You’re probably best of asking their support department.

Will do, thanks for replying

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